Superfoils Reformulation


Lime Crime Superfoils have been affected by glycerin dew - which, in our case, is drops of glycerin and water binding with the pigments in the formula and forming tinted bubbles along the edges of our tin pans. Some customers saw the discoloration on the tin and thought it was mold or rust.

We are sorry these bubbles have caused our customers worry and concern. Our manufacturer certifies that the glycerin dew does not contain any harmful contaminants, and none of our tests have revealed any evidence of rust or mold in the formula. Additionally, a third-party laboratory also performed an independent contamination test and confirms that Superfoils meet all FDA requirements for safe cosmetic use.


While these bubbles aren't harmful and do not affect the performance of the formula at all, we acknowledge that some of our customers are upset by the unsightly look of glycerin dew.OUR CUSTOMERS' HAPPINESS IS A TOP PRIORITY FOR US - and so is product presentation. For these reasons, we will be reformulating Superfoils and they will be temporarily unavailable. Of course, if any of our customers are unhappy with their Superfoils for any reason, we'll gladly take a return. We have an Extended Return Policy on this product and will process returns regardless of purchase date.


Superfoils are a new generation of eyeshadow. Pick up some product with your finger and spritz it with water - and watch them transform to LIQUID FOIL! (Please do not spray water directly onto the pan.) The Superfoils range boasts 20 attention-grabbing shades, from wearable neutrals to statement hues, paired into 10 unique duos. Each duo tells a story designed to ignite your imagination, so you can shine and sparkle like never before!

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