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“Unicorns have officially taken over the beauty world.”


“These rainbow, glittery and holographic finds will bring a little magic to your makeup routine”

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THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Lime Crime is set to release a Unicorn Queen Collection.


THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Lime Crime is set to release a Unicorn Queen Collection.




The unicorn makeup train is still going full steam ahead. The next stop on its mythical journey is Lime Crime.


Love it or hate it, unicorns are here to stay in the beauty world. At least, that's the case if it's up to Lime Crime. The beauty brand is debuting a new makeup collection inspired by none other than the mythical creature.


“Some toy fads deserve to disappear forever, but Polly Pocket is ripe for a nostalgic revival. And beauty brand Lime Crime has stepped up to the plate with three nostalgic palettes paying homage to the brand”


“Cosmetics brand Lime Crime has created Polly Pocket-inspired eyeshadow that fits right in our hands, and it is the ultimate childhood throwback. The palette comes in three colors, and each pocket contains five different shades that can be used to create endless looks by mixing and matching to perfection.”


“...the cult-favorite brand is launching Pocket Candy Palettes. And they're just as cute as — or dare we say, cuter than — the OG children's toys.”


“Lime Crime's Pocket Candy collection mirrors the iconic silhouette of our favorite Polly Pocket cases, and the (full sized!) hues housed within are just as fun.”


“The frankly adorable collection contains three 'Pocket Candy' eyeshadow palettes: Sugar Plum, Bubble Gum and Pink Lemonade, each inspired by Polly's retro kitsch packaging.”


“Now, thanks to Lime Crime, my millennial dreams are coming true. The vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand has announced their upcoming bundle of Polly Pocket-inspired eye shadow palettes…”


“Through Sept. 12, Lime Crime will donate 100 percent of sales from Beet It Matte Velvetine ($20) to the American Red Cross to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey.”


“...thanks to Lime Crime's latest launch, '90s kids have a whole new reason to freak out: Polly Pocket-inspired Pocket Candy Palettes.”

CultureMap Houston

“The hip cosmetics brand is donating 100 percent of sales of its Beet It Matte Velveteens Lipstick to the American Red Cross. Pucker up for a good cause.”


“Through Sept. 12, 100 percent of the proceeds from Lime Crime's Beet It Matte Liquid Lipstick will be donated to the Red Cross.”


“As Hurricane Harvey continues to affect people in Texas, it’s important that we do whatever we can to help them. Which is why our good friends at Lime Crime are donating 100% of the sales of one of their best lipsticks to Hurricane Harvey relief.“


“Lime Crime has announced that from now until September 12, 100% of the proceeds made from sales of the Matte Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in Beet It ($20; will go to the Red Cross’ efforts.”

Real Simple

“For every purchase of a tube of their “Beet It” liquid matte lipstick, LA-based vegan makeup line Lime Crime is donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the Red Cross”


“Lime Crime will be donating 100 percent of sales of their Beet It Matte Velvetine ($20) to the Red Cross”


“The Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick comes in a huge range of nude shades so you can pick the perfect one for your skin tone. It's infused with french vanilla, so it tastes delicious too.”


“These nails perfectly fit my own, meaning I didn't need to sand them down to make them look natural. I did some light filing to create a pointed tip, but the entire process — from adhesion to filing — takes about five minutes max.”


“The new trio of the brand's Velvetines Lipsticks are highly pigmented, super luxe, and the perfect addition to any fall beauty bag.”

Sweety High

“Our motto is when in doubt, be a unicorn. Unicorns take lots of different forms. They're not always bright. Sometimes they're neutral. Our founder likes to say we practice "radical inclusion.”

US Weekly

“Unleash your inner vamp with this opaque, velvet finish.”

OK Magazine

“Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime makeup, graced the pink carpet at the 5th Annual Beautycon Festival in celebration of the Lime Crime Fiat 500 car giveaway.”


“Lime Crime’s Hi-Lite Opals Is Made For Real Life Unicorns”


“Bloomingdale's has announced plans to revamp its beauty department with the launch of Glowhaus, a new millennial-friendly boutique housing Insta-famous products from contemporary brands like Lime Crime”


“The focus is on color and tools, so look for the influencer-loved Vamp Stamp and Winky Lux's trademark flower lipsticks alongside products and brands like Lash Star Beauty's Heated Lash Styler, Lime Crime's Diamond Crushers”

Evening Standard

“Following the epic success of the first Venus palette, Lime Crime has upped the ante with a ‘darker’ collection of sparkly and matte shades. The bold selection, which is housed in an uber-kitsch case adorned with Mash Botticelli's classical Venus painting, is great for anyone aiming for a more edgy eye look.”


“Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers Lip Topper collection doesn’t disappoint when it comes to making your lips look glittery and holographic.”

Evening Standard

“...its versatile colours mean you can create various looks to match with every outfit, while its strong and buttery pigments should last you a while”

Cosmetic Business

“The 100% vegan, semi-permanent hair dyes offer either full coverage, with a high pigment formulation, or lighter coverage for a sheer tint and pastel effect.”

Making it in Manhattan

“... this revolutionary top coat that shifts from a peachy sunset color to rose is exactly what you're looking for”


“Beautycon LA was lit. But you know what’s even more lit? One attendee gets to leave with a brand new Fiat courtesy of Lime Crime.”


“... be 100% you, and unapologetic about who you are and your vision. Do that every day and you will find success, I truly believe in that.” - Doe Deere”


“From Lime Crime’s Mermaids Hi-Lite Glitter-N-Glow palette... we’re all still going to be shimmering well into autumn/winter 2017. Yay!”

Plant Based News

“The new iridescent lip toppers, which can be worn on lips, eyes, and cheeks, have all been named after a memory that reminds Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere of California.”


“These glittery lip toppers will make your cute lil face more sparkly than a Silver Lake sunset.”


“Good news, mermaid makeup fans! There's a lot of products and shades to help you put your inner sea siren on an outward display.”


“A unicorn-worthy highlighter palette to make your summer glow-up very real.”


“Want unicorn hair but always assumed the trade-off for achieving crazy, bold color was breakage and dry hair? Lime Crime's unicorn hair color line is gently, won't damage your hair, and requires no toner or developer.”


“Just when we thought we couldn't be any more obsessed with our Lime Crime Opals Hi-Lite palette, we have a new set of colors to get excited about.“


“Spice up your life with these dreamy holographic “pop on” nails from the geniuses at Lime Crime.“


The raddest new trend this summer includes lipstick toppers. Believe us, when you try it — you'll wonder where glitter topcoats have been all your life.”


“...Filled with three mystical shades guaranteed to leave you shining like the unicorn you truly are.”


“The first rule of unicorn hair is that there are no rules! Lime Crime's vegan Unicorn Hair Dye is Internet-famous. It's also a semi-permanent, safe range and is comprised of 13 vibrant shades”


“The company just announced "Unicorn Hair Dye" and the 13 shades offered are as wild and dreamy as you'd imagine.”


“This brand is already known for their bold pops of color and quirky launches, but they're about to get even more colorful. According to the company's website, Lime Crime has created Unicorn Hair Dye. They're starting out with a bang, too. Think 11 unconventional colors like you've never seen before.”


“The internet has a thing for unicorns right now, but cult-favorite beauty brand Lime Crime—known for its metallic, highly-pigmented cosmetics—has always been on board. So it's no surprise that they're launching a collection of 11 enchanting hair dyes appropriately called "Unicorn Hair."”


“The founder, Doe Deere, has been sporting cotton-candy-esque strands for many, many years. As it turns out, the self-professed "Unicorn Queen" has been using her own hair as inspiration for Lime Crime's newest launch!”


“When it comes to unicorn-inspired beauty, few brands have embraced the mythical creature as wholeheartedly as Lime Crime.”


“Lime Crime is teasing us with their do-it-yourself Unicorn Hair dye and we’re in love”


“Lime Crime, the Vegan and cruelty-free beauty company with a #cultstatus following, brought highlighters into the next dimension with the launch of HI-LITE: Opals (MSRP $38). The only-of-its-kind palette comes wrapped in iridescent packaging and contains three magical highlighters, in universally-flattering Pink, Gold, and Peach shades.”


“Lime Crime's Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers, a collection of six lipstick transformers filled to the brim with holographic glitters, are the latest addition making their way from our recently-liked photos into our shopping carts.”


“Six ethereal shades are sure to make makeup lovers dreams of iridescence come true”


“Lime Crime — a brand known for their colorful cosmetics — is dropping a line of cruelty-free, vegan hair dye that’ll turn your locks into any color of the rainbow.”


“Lime Crime's matte liquid lipsticks, Velvetines, have garnered a massive cult following over the past few years for their rose-petal-like finish, intense pigment, and longwear formula.”


“The magical line of cruelty-free, imaginative hues make hair pony-perfect without harming animals.”


“The brand teased the brand new fairy dust-inspired topcoats to its Instagram account, and each of the three colors look insane — in the best way. While the shimmering flecks appear messy, the formula is actually smudge-proof.”


“Lime Crime has been on a roll lately. First came their incredible Diamond Crushers Liquid Lipstick. Then they shocked the entire beauty world by creating Unicorn Hair Dye. They're not stopping, either. Not only does Lime Crime's Girls Girls Girls Collection have five gorgeous matte nudes in it, it also gives back to a great cause at the same time.”

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