Fairy Garden

Tucked away between the realms of light and darkness exists a magical reverie of beauty. Free yourself in our mythical Fairy Garden Collection— fairy makeup made to spark your imagination and create fantasy looks with attitude. In our Fairy Garden, twinkling eye shadow shades flicker brightly, wands create bold makeup style, and feisty fairies proudly rule with dreamy pixie pigments that pop. In this secret haven, let your fairy heart beat fiercely and freely! Brush your cheeks, shoulders, or legs with Fairy Garden BODY-LITE’s shimmery finishes for an illuminating, silky glow that’s as magical as pixie dust. Step up your fairy makeup look by adding one of our highly pigmented, single-pan Fairy Garden LID-LITE shimmery eye shadow hues. The buttery suede-like formula of our fairy eye makeup can easily be dabbed on your lid with a finger or applied with a flat brush. For a moonlit radiance, opt for the bold, mauvy pink metallic of Lotus or if you'd rather sparkle in the daytime, brush your lids with Airy, a subtle champagne shimmer. Pixie up the rest of your fairy makeup by adding sparkly and iridescent shine on your lips with Fairy Garden Wet Cherry Gloss. These limited-edition lip gloss shades will have you glimmering in glossy goodness and leave a juicy shine on your lips. And don't forget your magical tresses! Transform yourself into a fairy queen with Fairy Garden Unicorn Hair shades. Full Coverage dresses your locks in dark shades of magical mischief and Start Mist lets your hair stay shimmery in specks of pixie pigments. Get your fairy wings ready, ‘cause this collection will take your looks to new heights. Escape from the ordinary and unleash your pixie powers. It’s time for the fairies to take over!

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