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Unicorn Hair


What is Unicorn Hair?

Unicorn Hair is Hyper Performance Semi-Permanent hair color that makes you look like a unicorn! It's professional quality, direct-deposit conditioning hair dye that's good enough for a pro and easy enough for a newbie. Unicorn Hair was developed by Lime Crime’s purple-haired CEO Doe Deere over the course of 3 years. Her goal was to create hair dye she would wear herself - vibrant, longer-lasting, and fades gracefully!

What is the difference between Full Coverage and Tints?

Unicorn Hair comes in 2 formulas. Full Coverage contains higher pigment load and delivers more saturated color - ideal for lightly bleached hair and platinum blondes alike. Tints are more sheer in nature - they are suitable for pale blonde hair and will create more pastel results.

Is Unicorn Hair a vegetable-based hair dye?

Absolutely every ingredient in our dye is confirmed vegan. It's based on vegetable glycerin.

Is it going to damage my hair?

No! Unicorn Hair color is a gentle, deposit-only dye that is not capable of damaging the hair. Our conditioning formula is made using only the purest, vegan ingredients and contains no ammonia, peroxide or bleach. Incorrectly used bleach, however, can damage your hair, which is why we recommend that you use a professional to help you with that part.


Yes! Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free. We are proud to make products that are certified vegan & cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this product!

Do I need to bleach my hair first?

For best results, we recommend starting with hair that has been lightened to medium or pale blonde.

My hair is only lightly bleached. Will it still work?

For medium-yellow and light-orange hair, we recommend our Full Coverage shades: Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke, Leeloo, Jello, Pony, Anime, Valentine, Aesthetic, Chestnut, Squid, Charcoal, and Sea Witch. Keep in mind that because you’re starting with a more yellow base, final results might skew more yellow. (Ex: Anime will look more turquoise.)

Will it show on dark, unbleached hair?

On dark brown hair, it will show as more of a tint. We recommend Full Coverage shades such as as Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke, Leeloo, Jello, Pony, Anime, Valentine, Aesthetic, Chestnut, Squid, Charcoal, and Sea Witch for darker, unbleached hair.

I have another color in my hair right now. Can I use Unicorn Hair over it?

Yes, but it might alter your end result. Since our hair color does not contain bleach, it will not lift the already existing color out of your hair - instead, it will simply lay over it. For best results, go with Full Coverage shades such as Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke, Leeloo, Jello, Pony, Anime, Valentine, and Aesthetic, Chestnut, Squid, Charcoal, and Sea Witch. Tints, being more sheer in nature, should be used only on freshly bleached light blonde hair with no color residue. If you choose to use Unicorn Hair over another color, do a strand test first to determine your end result.

How long will it last?

Unicorn Hair is a semi-permanent hair color and is designed to wash out gradually, overtime. The life cycle of your color depends on 3 factors: depth of shade, condition of hair, & how often you wash it. To prolong the life of your color, use gentle shampoos for colored hair, or start with a deeper/more saturated shade. The lighter the hair, the more vibrant the shade will show and the longer it lasts!

Will it look good when it fades?

Unicorn Hair was designed to start out vibrant and fade gracefully - anything less wouldn't be worthy of a unicorn! For best results, start with freshly & evenly bleached hair with no previous color residue.

I never dyed my hair before. Is this for me?

We all have to start somewhere! Unicorn Hair is used by pros and newbies alike. If this is your first time, we recommend that you have your hair colored by someone with experience first - and go from there!

Is there an example of what my hair may look like?

We know that coloring your hair, even with a semi-permanent dye, is a commitment. To help you choose, we’ve included hair swatches on every product page, as well photos from our customers.

Do I need to tone my hair prior?

We don’t recommend that you use a toner prior to application as toners contain ‘neutralizing’ dyes that can make your color appear ‘muddy’. Best results are achieved on freshly bleached hair with no color residue underneath.

Do I need to mix it with developer or apply heat?

No. Unicorn Hair is ready to use straight out of the jar, no developers or heat needed!

Do you have samples?

Yes! You can purchase Unicorn Hair Packettes on our website for $1.50 each.

Here’s how to use our packettes to do a strand test:


  • Wear plastic gloves
  • Select a strand to test on (about a 1 inch strand)
  • Saturate test strand in our conditioning color
  • Leave on for 30-60 minutes, rinse
  • Welcome to the unicorn tribe!

Will it stain my clothing, pillowcases, and tub?

Unicorn Hair will NOT color your life - just your hair! Keep in mind that with deeper and more saturated shades minor color transfer is normal - it will go away after a wash or two.

How much will I need?

Each Unicorn Hair jar contains a generous amount of product - 6.76 fl oz/200 ml. Use the below chart to determine the number of jars you’ll need.

Amount of Unicorn Hair to use:

Hair Length Thin Hair Thick Hair
Short - bob 1 jar 1 jar
Below shoulder - waist length 2 jars 2-3 jars
Tailbone + 3+ jars 3+ jars

* This chart does not include extensions.

Can I mix colors?

YES! We encourage that you experiment and create your own custom colors. All Unicorn Hair shades are designed to play well with each other, so mix away! Mix any color with Dilute to make it more pastel. And mix any color with On Mute to make it darker, and grungy! Here are some fun combos to try:

Bubblegum Rose + Neon Peach= perfect peachy pink
Valentine + Leeloo = Doe’s new fiery red
Anime + Salad = bright turquoise
Dirty Mermaid + On Mute = slate grey
Pony + On Mute= dark purple

Can I mix Unicorn Hair with other brands?

Sure! If you come up with a cool shade you want us to make, chat us and we just might make your unicorn hair dreams come true! Please be mindful that Unicorn Hair should not be mixed with developers, lighteners, or any permanent colors.

How do I apply it?

How to apply:

Supplies you’ll need: gloves, applicator brush, clips, bowl, & an old t-shirt. Cover all surfaces you do not want to get hair dye on.

  1. For best results, start with clean, unconditioned, dry hair. Color will show up brighter and more saturated on light and bleached hair. On darker hair, color will show up as more of a tint.
  2. Wear protective gloves and pour desired amount into a bowl.
  3. Work in 1 inch wide strands. Apply color evenly with applicator brush. Begin at the root of the hair and work evenly through to the ends. Massage each strand with fingers, top-to-ends, to ensure even distribution of color.
  4. For longer-lasting, more intense results, leave the dye in for 1-2 hours. For more pastel results, rinse out after 30 minutes. Don’t worry, Unicorn Hair will not damage your hair, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals or or bleach!
  5. Rinse hair until water runs clear. Conditioner optional.
  6. Style to your liking & enjoy your new Unicorn Hair!

Always do a patch & strand test to make sure you feel comfortable using Unicorn Hair, & to determine the color saturation you like.

How do I get even coverage?

Coverage depends on two factors: application and the ‘canvas’ itself. Be sure your hair is bleached evenly prior to applying color, as under-bleached areas can make the final result look spotty and uneven. Overbleached or damaged hair will retain color less and might require extra processing time and more frequent touch-ups.

Work in strands about 1”x1”, starting at the root and painting the color through to the ends with a flat applicator brush. Massage each strand with fingers top to bottom to ensure even distribution of color. If you see spots that aren’t taking, re-apply color to those areas only.

How can I control intensity and longevity of my color?

By adjusting the processing time. The longer the dye sits in your hair, the more saturation & longevity you’ll get. For longer-lasting, more saturated color, leave the dye in for 1-2 hours. For less intense results, wash out after 30-45 minutes.

How can I make my color fade faster?

Wash it more frequently with a clarifying shampoo! The dye will fade on its own, but will fade faster the more you wash it out.

How can I make my color last longer?

Wash it less! (This is where dry shampoo becomes your best friend - if it isn’t already)! And make sure to use color-friendly hair products. For summertime, use a UV spray to keep your color-treated locks safe!

What is a patch test?

A patch test is recommended to help determine if you feel comfortable using Unicorn Hair.

How do I perform a strand test?

Everyone’s hair is different, so some colors may look a little different on your hair. A strand test is the best way to determine if you like how a color shows up on your hair. Select a ½” x ½” strand of hair in a less visible area - try 2 inches above the ear, towards the back. Apply color to the strand and process for the recommended amount of time. Rinse out the color to reveal the effect. You can dilute or adjust the color to reach your desired result.

Here’s how to use our packettes to do a strand test:


  • Wear plastic gloves
  • Select a strand to test on (about a 1 inch strand)
  • Saturate test strand in our conditioning color
  • Leave on for 30-60 minutes, rinse
  • Welcome to the unicorn tribe!

What is the product size?

Each jar contains the generous 6.76 fl oz / 200 mL of Unicorn Hair color.

Is the application brush included?

No, but you can easily find it at any beauty supplies store.

What’s Doe Deere’s signature shade?

Our CEO has been rocking (and testing) Unicorn Hair for years. Her signature purple color is Pony, which she calls “the color of blooming artichoke”. She is excited to finally be able to share it with her Unicorns!

How do I remove it?

Unicorn Hair will fade on its own overtime. You can speed up the process by using a clarifying shampoo and simply washing it more. If you wish to remove the color completely, please consult a professional.

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