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Unicorn Hair Color Spray

Spray + Play

Our Unicorn Hair Rainbow and Star Mist color sprays were designed and formulated for those with hair commitment issues. Can’t makeup your mind? Makeup your hair! The temporary hair color formula that is as easy to apply and as it is easy to wash out. Unicorn Hair color spray comes in two different forms - Rainbow Mist and Star Mist.

Rainbow Mist comes in 8 different shades ranging from soft muted colors like nude mauve and lavender gray, to bright in-your-face hues like orchid purple and bright pink. The Rainbow Mist will leave a colorful shine to your hair with pretty pearly pigments.

Star Mist is a glitter hair spray that performs like a highlighter for your hair - glitter, sparkle, and shine! Star Mist comes in two shimmery shades: North Star, a blast of iridescent pastel glitters and Rosé ,a warm rose gold tinted spritz of hair glitter.

Rainbow and Star Mist may be used separately or combined for maximum spray + play fun!. Rainbow Mist is super pigmented and will color dark hair!. Keep in mind pigments may stain over-processed hair and may take a few shampoo rinses before it all washes out. We recommend a strand test before spraying.

Experiment with different colors and combinations with no commitment. Best of all, Rainbow and Star Mist won’t leave hair crunchy, chalky, or stiff. Create colorful highlights, an ombre moment, or even a gradient look. Use one or more Rainbow Mist colors and sprinkle with flickers of Star Mist.

Unicorn Hair Rainbow and Star Mists let you live your best life with no hair commitments. Lime Crime is proudly 100% vegan and cruelty-free!

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