The Heat Is On

The heat is on this summer! Browse our collection of hot looks, from hair dye and lipstick to press on nails and eyeshadow palettes. This collection will keep you cool this summer, while you bring the heat.

Start off your summer look by being bold with your hair! Our collection of hair dyes include a red hair dye Strawberry Jam that will look just as sweet as it sounds. If you're more daring, try Salad, the perfect green hair dye for daredevils. If you're planning to visit conventions this summer, try Kawaii, the blue hair dye for any con.

Once you've sorted out your hair, dive into our collection of lipsticks. Our matte lipsticks and glittery Diamond Crushers offer looks for every occasion. True Love offers a matte red lipstick that lasts, while Red Velvet heats up with a red lipstick that is perfect for a romantic evening. 

Pop on some nails with our collection of press on nails that last. Our press on nails will add an edge to your look and work for any occasion. Try on Camel for the perfect chromatic nails to push your style to the next level. If you're more of a raver, try Lizard, our chrome nails that will shine as you dance. 

Finish off your look with a nice color palette. Our Venus and Venus 2 eyeshadow palettes offer every shade you could want for your summer adventures. No matter your look, Lime Crime has you covered from head to toe!

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