What better way to make the most of your purchase than by going with a makeup bundle. We offer lipstick sets, eyeshadow sets, temporary hair color spray bundles, and hair dye bundles, all designed to allow you to try all of the shades and varieties you want, without having to pay full price on multiple items.  

Makeup sets and lipstick bundles also make great gifts. Give someone you love a chance to try our famous line of matte lipsticks and eyeshadows. It will be a present they will never forget!

At Lime Crime, we believe in using globally-sourced vegan ingredients and cruelty-practices for cosmetic testing. Therefore, all of our high quality and long-lasting products support exactly that. To learn more about our practice and company itself, check out our about us page! For any questions and concerns, read more on our frequently asked questions page.

Are you already a Lime Crime cosmetics and makeup bundle lover? We’d love to see how you take your different makeup and hair dye bundle looks to the next level. Share your amazing makeup looks and experience with us on Instagram by including #LIMECRIME in your post captions for a possible feature on our page!


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