Red Lipsticks

Is there anything more classic than a bold, red lip? Probably not. Whether you're just getting into the lipstick game or have been slaying for years, red is the way to go.


There's nothing sweeter than our matte Red Velvet lipstick. It's sort of like a universal red - it looks perfect no matter your skin tone - an all-time best seller! Also, because of the ultra matte finish, it will not smudge or budge from your lips all day. Eat with it on, drink with it on, even sleep with it on. Go wild with our long-lasting matte lipstick!


A deep red lipstick is a quick and easy way to transform your look from cute to sexy. Take Saint, for instance - a cranberry red inspired by the luxurious texture of rose petals. The perfect combination of sultry and sweet. Want to turn it up a notch? Opt for a dark blood red hue like Wicked for a bold, mysterious look.


Sometimes, you need a little pink in your life. Our True Love hue, a vibrant, pink red lipstick will do just that.


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