Mermaids Collection

Want to look and feel like a mermaid? Lime Crime's mermaid collection offers all the elements to keep your mermaid vibe going strong!

Having perfect mermaid hair requires the perfect colored hair dye. Not sure how to do mermaid hair? Check out our collection of blue and green hair dyes to get that ocean look. Our Salad offers a green hair dye, while Mermaid offers a nice dark blue hair dye. The green and blue hair dye are perfect for that mermaid hair color you've been searching for! 

Keep the mermaid look going when you try on our chromatic pop on nails. The selection of cute "fake nails" are a carefree way to amplify your look.

Our collections of Velvetine and Diamond Crushers lipstick are the finishing touch for your mermaid look. These matte lipsticks offer a long lasting look for a long day at the beach. Regardless of how much of a mermaid you are, make sure to use our mermaid brush for the finishing touch of highlighter!

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