Diamond Dew Glitter Eyeshadow

Take your eyeshadow look to the next level and go glitter. Our Diamond Dew liquid glitter eyeshadows are a unique lid topper that brings the effect of sparkling diamonds to your eyes. 

The vegan and cruelty free glitter eyeshadow is packed with reflective particles that instantly add that WOW factor to your makeup look and makes a statement - not to mention its zero-fallout formula dries to a smudge-proof, crease-proof finish that lasts and lasts.

Try our liquid glitter eyeshadow in a range of colors, from sparkling aquas to Malibu pinks -- such as our Tearful and Paris shades. If you're looking for a unique look during day or night, Diamond Dew glitter eyeshadows are the way to go.

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