Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers and Lip Top Coat

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Our lightweight Diamond Crushers lip toppers offer a shimmery lip blend designed to be applied on top of your matte lipsticks or lip liners and can be used anywhere else on your body.  Find our glitter lip topper collection in a variety of reflective colors and iridescent unicorn shades.  Add some sparkle to your regular lipstick, cheeks, or body!  Diamond Crushers can also be worn by themselves -no lipstick necessary.

Try our purple lip topper Gemini with its mysterious lasting glow. Feeling a little more flirty?  Get Stripa bright pink lip topper that will have you feeling real cute. There's even a lavender/mint shift shade, Acid Fairywhich you can wear for a more multidimensional style.  No matter your look, our head-turning Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers last forever, feels like nothing on skin...and did we mention it smells delicious?!

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