Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers and Lip Top Coat

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Our Diamond Crushers lip toppers offer a sparkly lip gloss-esc blend designed to be applied on top of your matte lipsticks and can be used anywhere else on your body.  Find Diamond Crushers in a variety of colors and iridescent unicorn shades, and add some sparkle to your regular lipstick, cheeks, or body. Don't be fooled, Diamond Crushers can also be used by themselves--no lipstick necessary.

Try our purple lip topper Gemini with its mysterious glow. Feeling a little more flirty? Strip is a bright pink lip topper that will let your crush know you're interested. There's even a faint white, Acid Fairy, that can be worn for a more demure style. No matter your look, our Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers offer kiss proof lipstick that will leave its mark.


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