Dark Lipsticks

Sometimes, you just want to go dark. Luckily, we have a wide variety of the darkest lipstick hues out there. These dark lipsticks retain their color for full day use.


Our matte velvetines are highly-pigmented, long lasting dark lipsticks for the ultimate pout. Raven is an edgy dark purple lipstick that stands out. Black Velvet, on the other hand, is a true black hue. The black lipstick is pure black that goes with any goth outfit. If you're feeling less risky, try Salem -a brown lipstick that's perfect for every occasion!


Just because you're going dark doesn't mean you can't enjoy color, too. Stay bold and colorful with the eggplant-like hue Jinx purple lipstick. Want to rock that classic red lip but with a twist? Bring out your inner vampy side with Wicked, the ultimate blood red. This red matte lipstick is sweet and sultry, so it works both day and night. No matter your look, our dark shades offer kiss proof lipstick that lasts.


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